Cross Trade


Cross Trade

Our team at Dream Couriers will handle and deliveries in other countries with absolutely no hassle and with expertise that will let you be worry-free of the shipment. We have individuals and teams that are highly capable of cross-trade and you would be given the best service at the most affordable rates.


Third-party shipments made hassle-free

When it comes to third party shipments, especially in another country, it always carries the risk of the goods being damaged or lost. But, with Dream Couriers, you can rest your worries as our highly knowledgeable and capable team will take care of your goods for you. We take pride in our skills in logistics to deliver you the most streamlined cross-trade experience. We are dedicated to making your life easier.

We are fast, reliable and flexible, making us your ideal partner for cross-trading your goods across the boundaries, into the world.

Move beyond boundaries with Dream Couriers.

Safe and Secure

Transport your goods across the world, safely and securely with Dream Couriers. We ensure that your goods will be delivered in the original condition to wherever you want, whenever you want.

24/7 Support

Our customer service centres are available 24/7 to deliver the best service to you. We can help you track your cargo wherever it is, whenever you want. This will keep you updated on where your goods are at any time of the day.

Fast Delivery

Dream Couriers will make sure your goods are delivered to your destination whenever you want it delivered. We have expertise in delivering goods in one day or even the next day. We are renowned for our speedy deliveries that make your life easier.