Dream Carriers will give you the benefits of reliable sailing, affordable rates to get your freight to where you want it to be when you want it to be there. Even if it’s less than a container load or an over-sized cargo, our innovative team at Dream Couriers will give you the best solutions by creating a network between ports, carriers, customers and clients trucking service providers.

We at Dream Couriers understand that each person and business needs a unique mix of services. So, we have introduced integrated services that can be customisable to your specific requirements. You can now choose from sea and air freight and one day or next day delivery across the borders depending on your schedules.


The modern world needs to be met with innovative solutions. Dream Couriers have introduced air freights for you to keep up with the world of change and deliver your goods to wherever in the world to cater to the demands of your market. Our services are secure, fast and most importantly affordable. Our team makes sure that the air shipping is reliable and your goods will be in the original quality no matter what the situation is.

Transhipment can be risky. Especially, if it’s not handled in the professional way it is meant to be. Luckily, Dream Couriers have an experienced team that will handle the transhipment of your cargo with safety and care. We have widened our network to make sure your freight is handled with the utmost care, making sure they remain in the original state.

Our team at Dream Couriers will handle and deliveries in other countries with absolutely no hassle and with expertise that will let you be worry-free of the shipment. We have individuals and teams that are highly capable of cross-trade and you would be given the best service at the most affordable rates.

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